Learn How Voice & Visual Technology Is Helping At Home In VOICE

By | October 15, 2021

Sales of smart home devices have skyrocketed in the past 12 months. According to a February 2020 research and market study, these devices supported by Google Assistant alone increased 1,900% from around 1,500 to 30,000 during the period January 2018 to May 2019. Now, as people incorporate smart shows in their daily lives for education, entertainment, home management etc., this number is expected to grow even more.

Presented by Google Assistant, the sixth episode of VOICE Talks titled “The Sensible Show – When Visible Meets Voice at Residence” explores how the mix of visual and voice expertise is being integrated into our lives on a regular basis and every day. Making your daily routine extra smooth and easy.

Viewers will hear from consultants and technologists reminiscent of Rebecca Nathanson from Google Assistant, John Kelvi of Bespoken, and Dave Rudnick from VIZIO. Register to watch Episode 6 and be a part of the emerging Voice Talks group.

“Now that we are spending a lot of time at home due to restrictions, smart property gadgets are having an impact on everyone – from trying new recipes step by step, playing games, video chatting with friends, instructional activities Organizing, and discovering the latest in leisure,” said Voice Talks host Sofia Altuna.

The episode begins with host Sofia Altuna setting the stage by highlighting the growth of voice interfaces at an exponential fee across industries, from healthcare to banking. Launched in 2018, the Sensible Show combines an interactive display screen with Google Assistant to reinforce the sensible residence with a visual expertise to view recipes, get ambiance, play music or control your smart home devices. adds up.

Within the “Keynote” section, Rebecca Nathanson, Director of Undertaking Administration and Developer Platform for Google Assistant at Google, will talk about how Wise Shows outperforms the voice assistant with tactile and visual options. Then going on to join Graham Sidwell, Head of Product Improvement at Pottermore, to hear more about the Quidditch By The Edge utility for the Sensible show.

They can talk about how Quidditch and the various platforms Pottermore used to integrate voice into their stories as the use of audiobooks advanced and the way Sensible Shows with interactive visuals allows you to interact with your audience. Brand new solution. They can also speak to how success is measured through personal engagement.

The “Product Deep Dive” section gives the option to Nest’s product supervisor Alex Selig, who will talk about smarthomes for leisure gadgets. Then, within the “Companion Highlights” section, subscribers will study the benefits that VIZIO and its customers have made in a dialogue between Kelly Mason, International Enterprise Improvement, Sensible Residence, Google Assistant, and Dave Rudnick, Senior Vice President of Integration with Sensible Show Have seen since. President Interactive/Monetization at VIZIO.

Offering “Ecosystem Replace” is John Kelvi, CEO and co-founding father of Bespoken, a world leader in automated testing and monitoring tools for voice experiences. In his section, John shares his insights into how Bespoken Sensible examines the biggest practices on the show and the way the advanced question-and-answer functionality works to find one of the best systems at your residence.

The episode ends with a fan-favorite – “Ask the Consultants” segment. Jessica Dayne Early-Cha, developer advocate at Google, addresses questions from the VOICE Talks group about how to develop rich responses and theme customization to benefit from display screens.

Accessible on more than 1 billion devices, in more than 30 languages ​​and over 90 countries, Google Assistant helps more than 500 million people every month with problems at home, in their car or on the go. People around the world can communicate seamlessly with their Google Assistant and ask for help with problems like playing music, turning on lights, or starting a favorite TV show.

Launched in March 2020, VOICE Talks is month-to-month video dialogue with consultants about the status of every little thing “Voice” and now has a world group of nearly 70,000 clients after just six months. Every episode includes interactive interactions with consultants, insights during product deep dives, traits, and voice expertise.

The system is hosted by Sofia Altuna from the International Product Partnership for the Google Assistant, and so far, Schooling, Leisure, Access and Inclusion, Building for Voice Expertise, How Manufacturers Use Voice to Talk to Customers are included.

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