Small volume liquid and aerosol leak detection

NineSigma, representing a global pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturer invites proposals and technologies to enable monitoring of liquid and aerosol leaks in tube / small pipe connections.

The successful systems/technologies must be able to detect a leak (mainly water-based) that could appear in any equipment or piping used inside a biologic production facility as soon as it occurs (from the first droplets) in the following situations.

Water droplets from condensed vapor. Image credit: (free licence)

Water droplets from condensed vapor. Image credit: (free licence)

Manufacturing requires 1-3 large pieces of equipment that are connected via sterile tubing and associated connectors. Unfortunately, these connections can provide small leaks such as 1-3 mm liquid drops.

The goal of the current challenge is to find suitable technologies (maybe more than one) than can address the small volume leak detection. Large volume or spot detection systems of water leaks are well known but outside the scope of the current challenge.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Sep 13, 2020.

Source: NIneSights