‘Copypasta’ Will Limit Visibility of Tweets To Everyone, Informs Twitter, Know What Does The Term Mean

If you are active on the microblogging platform Twitter then you may have seen a lot of times, same tweets being copy-pasted over and over again by many accounts. This is done usually when people want to get something to trend. It is called ‘copypasta’ a part of the Urban Dictionary since the year 2006. Now Twitter has decided to limit the visibility of copypasta tweets. The Twitter Communications team tweeted that they are looking at hiding the visibility of such accounts, along with sharing a link answering, “How and when are my Tweets not seen by everyone?” We tell you more about the term copypasta. Airgasm is the New Word in COVID-19 Vocabulary, What Does it Mean? Know Its Definition as Twitterati Go Crazy Over This Latest Slang.

Copypasta, as you can derive, comes from the copy and paste function on PCs. A copypasta is a block of text which is copied and pasted across the internet by individuals through online forums and social networking websites. Copypastas are said to be similar to spam. The Urban Dictionary, also mentions it as a means to troll newer users as an inside joke between the old users. The discussion could be on any subject. The copypasta is seen very common especially when people want to show their support to specific people, then netizens start Twitter campaigns by tweeting the same block of text and hashtags over and over again.

Check Twitter Communications’ Tweet on Copypasta:

A lot of users did not seem to take this tweet seriously. Most people have commented by copying the same text, thus engaging in copypasta. Almost all the replies on this tweet are the same text that has been tweeted out by them. But if you are concerned about making a point and getting your tweets to a larger audience, then you need to stop the copypasta!

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