National Video Games Day 2020 Special: From Super Mario, Road Rash to Alladin and More, Here’s How You Can Play The Classic Old Games Online

National Video Games Day 2020 is celebrated every year in the US on September 12. The day celebrates how essentially we all enjoy playing video games. These days we do not see much adults or parents enjoying the games but back in the days, say about two decades ago, parents and children used to sit together and play. There were no smartphones or internet but video game consoles and the cassettes which had so many games in one. These days people are more into games of war, or those with simulated reality, action stuff, racing and the likes. But one can never forget the joy games like Super Mario, Contra, Tetris or Duck Hunt got to us. Do you know you can still enjoy these games online? For National Video Games Day 2020, we bring you seven popular games of the old times which you can still enjoy today.


Super Mario Bros: Mario was created by Nintendo as their mascot but the game series stays with most of us today. It may have evolved over time, but the very first one in the game is always special. Collecting mushrooms to reaching the flag of the castle only seemed difficult back then. You can enjoy the game online here.

Bomberman:  Bomberman is a strategic, maze-based video game franchise that released in the 1980s in Japan. The player had to place bombs and destroy the enemies in the process. You can play the original game here.

Road Rash: Road rash, a motorcycle-racing game continues to be a favourite of so many. It was one of the early computer games that we all enjoyed. Kicking the other bikers was the favourite part of this game, personally. This game too has been developed to suit the current changing versions of gaming but the one in early 90s still remains special. You can download the game for your PC and play it today.

Contra: Contra is an arcade game with super guns and ammunition. New ammunition could be unlocked within the gameplay. Two players could play at the same time and if you are typically a fan of games like PUBG you should try Contra, a much simpler version but still fun. You can click here to play it online.

Duck Hunt: This is another fun shooting game where you have to kill ducks for the dog. A simple point and shoot game was one of the most fun games we had. Many of you may have played it along with your siblings or parents, turn by turn. The dog’s laugh when you miss the duck was the trigger. Click here to enjoy it today.

Alladin: Alladin was Disney’s old game that worked on the MS-DOS. It was based on the Disney movie and one of the earliest games we played even in schools. These were the games when not even everyone had a computer but we always looked forward to playing them whenever possible. Click here to play and relive the good old days.

Super Tank 1990: This was another old arcade game where a tank ship had to fight through the enemies and reach the next level. Newer versions were developed for the Android phones and devices. You can click here to play the old version.

These are just some of the games among the many that we played online. There used to be card games, Pinball, Pac Man and so on. Now we are spoil for choices for games online. But how about visiting back the good old ones and enjoying the day in the same way as you loved the video games.

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