Facebook Messenger, Portal To Get Third-Party AR Effects Starting Early 2021

Facebook Messenger, Portal To Get Third-Party AR Effects Starting Early 2021

Facebook is planning to introduce third-party AR effects creators on Portal smart display and Facebook Messenger. To date, the AR effects on Portal and Messenger were created by in-house creators of Facebook. But recently, the social media giant declared at the Facebook Connect keynote that they will soon allow Spark AR to create their effects and made it available to users on Portal and Messenger. This is going to take place in early 2021.

In a blog post made by Facebook, the company said that they are excited to see the creators at Spark AR working for them. The company also said that Spark AR creators will be able to reach more people with their AR effects. Users already use the AR effects created by Spark AR creators on Instagram Reels.

Just to let you know Spark AR has over 400,000 creators and they belong from 190 different countries around the globe. This makes them the largest platform available for mobile AR creators.

Facebook said that more than 1.2 million augmented reality effects have already been introduced on Instagram and Facebook by these creators. They also mentioned that around 150 accounts on the platform have received more than a billion views.

The company said that they created Spark AR to be approachable in the market. They said most of the users on Spark AR Studio are women. Just so you know Facebook is also working on many new features that are designed to improve the user experience on the social media platform. These features will allow users to showcase their creativity. Not just that but it will also help them work quickly and easily.

Facebook has also announced that it will introduce smart glasses by next year. These smart glasses will be connected to smartphones. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has described virtual reality or VR as the next big platform. He said that VR has great potential and it can reduce the sense of separation which is common to all of us when learning, socialising, or working remotely during this pandemic.

From the above developments made by Facebook, it seems like the company is paying more attention to new technologies like AR and VR. They are trying their best to incorporate these technologies on their platform. By the starting of 2021, Facebook will allow Spark AR creators to create their AR effects on Portal and Messenger.

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