Google India’s #CrackTheCode Contest to Display the Number of Days Left Before 2021 Goes Viral! Check out the ‘Syntax Error’ Found by Netizens

Google India is in a playful mood with the codes and asked netizens to find the error in a code, shared by them that will help them set the countdown for the new year 2021! Yes, if the code is corrected it will tell you the exact number of days left before January 1st. This fun brain teaser for the tech nerds turned into a contest as people started pooling in with their answers pointing out the correct codes. Google India wrote in a tweet: “New Year is almost here and we’re all set to start the countdown ⏱ Find the error and #CrackTheCode to display the number of days left before it’s 2021.”

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Ankit Jaiswal who goes by the handle name @Ankit_jaiswal15, attempted to give the correct answer and wrote”The following are the error in the code.

It will give error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘:’

It can be corrected by: At line no.3, var todaytm=new Date();

no.4, var todaytime=todaytm.getTime();

& on no9, var leftsec=23-todaytm.getSeconds();


Check Tweet:

Google India later replied to its own tweet with the correct answer saying: “All you had to do to close the loop on 2020 was close the brackets for the date & time Face with hand over mouth. You have cracked the code and the countdown – there are 3 days left to the New Year.”

Recently, in a bid to create awareness around internet safety and reiterate its efforts to protect netizens, Google India announced a new comprehensive public outreach campaign named #PehleSafety. Google Draws Anger with Vacation Homes FeatureTech giant Google saw also saw a spike in Indian revenues with a 34.8 per cent to about Rs 5,593.8 crore in 2019-20. They also gave grants, totalling about Rs 13.34 crore to Non-governmental organisations working to improve the quality of education and safety of children, as per the filing. These organisations have used the funds in improving the education system and for the safety of the children and to experiment with new technologies to enhance their work and create innovative new products to make work and teaching more accessible.

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