25 Science Topics to Write a Research Paper On

25 Science Topics to Write a Research Paper On

25 Science Topics to Write a Research Paper On

Choosing a suitable topic for a science research paper might be more difficult than you think. If it’s a free choice, there might be just too many options. And you have to pick one to make sure the paper is clear and easy-to-understand. 

That’s why we have decided to put 25 great, diverse science topics in the list for you to find something you’re curious about. From space exploration to COVID-19, there’s everything!

Also, if there are issues with writing a research paper on a topic you really like, there’s a way out. You can always pay someone to write your research paper and get ideas for a topic, title, structure, and contents from there. 

List of Popular Topics for a Science Research Paper

There’s a lot to know about viruses (of course, mostly COVID-19 as the most relevant topic), biochemistry, astrophysics, and more! 

  1. How Lockdown Helps Stop the Spread of COVID-19
    Describe the pros and cons of lockdown and how it really helps stop the spread of the virus.
  2. What Does “Flattening the Curve” Mean and How It’s Done in Different Countries
    The term is all over the news, but what is it really about? How does it help in different countries?
  3. The Origins of COVID-19 and How This One Is Different from the Others
    The bat story has got some unclear references to online. Explain how the virus really emerged.
  4. How Similar Is COVID-19 to Other Coronaviruses and MERS, SARS, Etc.?
    Explain the differences and whether the COVID is really that dangerous comparing to other illnesses.
  5. Everything About Paleo Diet: Is It Really Close to the Eating Habits of Our Ancestors? How Good Is This Diet for Modern Humans?
    There are lots of diets nowadays. Keto, paleo, how are they good for us? Is paleo diet really how prehistoric people ate?
  6. Europe’s Deal with GMO: Economics or Science?
    There are speculations that the opposition of Europeans to genetically modified crops and other foods are more connected to economics rather than science.
  7. When Men Have Kids as They Grow Older, Do Genetic Irregularities Pass to the New Generation?
    There’s a lot of research on the topic, so you’ll get a lot of information.
  8. Parents Exercise: How Frequent Exercise Affects the Future Development of a Child?
    How do things people do during their lives affect children on a DNA or another level?
  9. Universe History: All the Theories of How It Emerged
    This is a huge topic to write about. There are so many theories, and research papers don’t have to be only about the things we absolutely know.
  10. How important is it to explore our solar system? Is space exploration really necessary?
  11. Dark Energy: Theories and Known Facts
    One of the most mysterious topics when it comes to space exploration.
  12. Big Bang: What’s Exploded, How, and Why
    Describe everything there is about the creation of the Universe.
  13. Meteorites as a Key to the Universe Secrets
    What knowledge do we have from meteorites?
  14. Living Mars: What’s the Past of the Planet
    There’s a theory that Marks was once alive. Elaborate on that.
  15. Pluto Being Out of the Planet List: Whys and Hows
    This is a topic that caught everyone’s interested attention at the time. Why was it eliminated? And why is it so difficult for some to accept it?
  16. The Origins of the Asteroid Belt
    One of the most interesting topics, because it’s a part of the creation of our Solar System.
  17. The Most Important Discovery of the International Space Station
    According to the data we have, what’s the most useful and groundbreaking exploration that was made on the ISS? 
  18. Mars Colonies: How Real Is the Concept?
    It’s a real concept and there are studies done on this, trying to create living conditions for humans. 
  19. The Future of Space Exploration: The Impact of Private Space Travel as a Concept
    Private space travel is a relevant topic given the future Mars mission and all the successful Space X flights. What impact is it going to do on our lives?
  20. Beer Micro Brewing: The Most Relevant Chemical Processes for That
    This is a very interesting topic for a lot of reasons. You’ll learn a lot more about beer brewing and how chemicals react within the process.
  21. Carbon Dioxide: How to Get It and Use to Our Advantage
    Describe all the ways of getting carbon dioxide and how it can help us in modern times.
  22. Allergies: What Chemicals Cause Them and What Modern Science Can Do About It
    There are more and more allergies developed every year. 
  23. How Can Modern Cultures Help Preserve Endangered Species?
    The problem of endangered species is more and more relevant these days. How can local cultures and modern cultures help solve the problem?
  24. Sci-Fi Movies Vs. Reality
    Elaborate on the topic of what Sci-Fi movies could possibly become reality.
  25. Disposable Products: Limit or Complete Ban?
    What do scientific sources say about disposable products? Should they be limited because we can’t live without them, or should they be banned completely?

There should be something for everyone on this list. If nothing catches your interest, try to elaborate on the topic the closest to something you’d want to write about. One question will lead to another and finally, you will get to something that is suitable for the discipline and very interesting to you. There’s something exciting about every aspect of science

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