Alexa becomes more humane and works even with the cheapest devices now

Voice assistants have that unique robotic voice that makes them distinctly identifiable. However, that appears to be changing for the better. At least for Amazon Alexa.

Yes, Amazon has added new skills to its personal assistant. The developers will now be able to make Alexa respond to question in a happy or excited tone or disappointed or empathetic tone. This functionality will be available for the US users.

There are some unique situations that this can be used for your benefit. For instance, let us say you are playing a quiz with Alexa, and you answer a question correctly. Alexa can respond to you in a happy tone. It can reply in a dejected tone when you ask for a sports score, and your favourite team has lost or is trailing.
Here are a few examples –

It may be worthwhile to notice that Amazon released a newscaster voice option to Alexa last January. This has been made available in the US and Australian accents.

And yes, the Amazon Alexa will now be available on the cheapest things as well. It will now run on the devices running on the basic processors and the devices running on 1 MB of memory as well. That would mean Amazon Alexa may now run on your light bulbs, toothbrush, and even your toaster – griller. You can further expect smaller and smart devices like Echo Buds, Echo Loop and Echo Frames.

So, you are in for a change quite soon. Get ready to experience an Alexa home; everything around you responds to Alexa.

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