Apple Music Android app update might hold clues to Apple One bundle

For a while, it seemed that Apple would just be doing the bare minimum to get its Apple Music on Android and then leave it at that. Of course, that would have reflected badly on Apple’s service and its development skills rather than Android as a platform and, fortunately, it does keep the app fresh and the latest update even has clear signs of the rumored Apple One subscription bundle coming really soon.

The latest beta version of Apple Music on Android isn’t a small one by any means. It updates the app’s design to the one that iOS 14 will be getting later this month. It isn’t just an aesthetic change either as it changes up the UI layout a bit to match the new features that the and service will be offering.

For one, the old “For You” section has been renamed to “Listen Now” though the contents remain mostly the same. The bottom tab bar has also been reshuffled, adding a new and easier to reach Search tab rather than the previous one way at the top. Ironically, the search bar is still at the top so you’ll still have to reach way up anyway.

The Apple Music beta version 3.4 APK also holds one more interesting treasure. 9to5Google’s digging revealed text pertaining to the rumored Apple One subscription bundle. First leaked last month, it was believed to offer a base tier that combines Apple Music and Apple TV+ only. Higher and more expensive bundles would include Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and more iCloud storage.

More than just the existence of the option, the APK’s text also reveals some details, like how Apple Music subscriptions won’t overlap with Apple One, though it remains to be seen how Apple will actually handle that. Unfortunately, it also seems that it is required to use an Apple device to manage or even renew Apple One subscriptions, which could be a deal-breaker for some Apple Music users on Android.

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