California requires all passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035

California requires all passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035

On Wednesday, Gavin Newson, governor of California passed an executive order that requires the sales of all passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035.

This new order passed by the governor is expected to give a huge boost to the electric vehicles. Since zero-emission vehicles are being ruled out from the scene, electric vehicles can now find their way to the state. Alternative fuels such as hydrogen are expected to boost the industry in California that is already booming. 

As per a report from the governor’s office, the public transport sector is responsible for the majority of the carbon pollution in California state. It also contributes to 95% of harmful diesel emissions and 80% of smog- pollution.

In a statement passed by the governor, he said that this order is going to be an impactful step to fight the climate threats. He also added that for over decades, the people of the state have polluted the air with their cars. This is the same air that is inhaled by everyone. This is why this step is important so that Californians don’t have to worry about their kids getting asthma from car pollution. Also, vehicles shouldn’t make wildfires worse. Pollution from cars can even raise the sea levels by melting the snow caps. This can be threatening to the coastlines and beaches. 

After the passing of the order, the California Air Resource Board is busy developing regulations to mandate 100% of sales of zero-emission passenger vehicles by 2035.

By setting the target year like 2035, it would help the state to cut down on the levels of greenhouse gases for over 35%. Not just that, but it will also help in improving the oxides of nitrogen from vehicle emissions.

The board is going to create regulations that require heavy-duty and medium vehicles to be completely zero-emission by 2045.

Under the new order, the private sector is required to boost the deployment of cheap charging and fuelling options. Along with that it also requires wide accessibility to zero-emission cars and other vehicles.

However, as per the order, Californians with gasoline-driven cars don’t have to give them up. They can also sell their gas-driven vehicles in the car market.

With this new initiative passed by the California governor, California is going to be one of the 15 countries to phase out gas-driven cars.

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