Child Pornography Racket on Dark Net Leads to Arrest of 41 People by Kerala Police; Know What is The Dark Net and How it Works

Kerala police made a crackdown in a child pornography racket arresting about 41 people in connection. The people includes IT savvy youth and those working in professional jobs sharing sexually explicit content over the dark web. The Counter Child Sexual Exploitation (CCSE) team of the police undertook several raids under the operation named ‘P Hunt_20.2’. The group of people used hi-tech methods, where the users who uploaded and downloaded the material had encrypted handles. It is more like a dark web format that exists online. Child Porn Consumption Increased in Kerala During Coronavirus Lockdown; Police Identify 300 People For Sharing Child Sexual Abusive Content.

It was a month-long covert online operation. People have been arrested on the charge of “seeking, collecting, browsing and downloading’ child pornography,” according to the State police. Police also found videos and pictures of minors stored on several devices including pen drive, hard disc, laptop and computers. As per reports, the sexual abuse material was sourced from security cameras at homes and webcams. All of this exchange was taking over the dark web. Child Pornography: Government Takes Down 377 Websites Promoting Child Sexual Abuse, 50 FIRs Registered.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is a part of the internet which is not visible to regular search engines. To access the dark web one needs to have a special browser called Tor. Dark web is known for many illegal activities. Through dark web one can buy credit card numbers, drugs, counterfeit money, stolen subscription credentials etc. It is a hot bed for criminal activities on the internet. Child pornography is also one of the many activities that take place here. The dark web requires overlays networks and one much have  specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Identities and location of the darknet users stay anonymous. There are only a couple of networks through which one can access the dark web, such as Tor and I2P. These are anonymising networks which host several websites.

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