Early Wednesday, Tesla experienced a network outage for an hour

Early Wednesday, Tesla experienced a network outage for an hour

On Wednesday morning, Tesla owners couldn’t get into their vehicles and access their apps for about 60 minutes due to a power outage that had a huge impact on the entire network of the company. The same was reported by multiple sources.

The power outage at Tesla happened because of an internal issue with their application programming interface or simply API. This piece of information is derived from sources who know about the power outage.

Due to this an hour-long outage, many of the Tesla owners were locked outside their cars on Wednesday morning. The outage affected the entire network of the company.

There are possibilities that the outage may have happened because of the latest two-factor authentication security system. This feature was called ‘embarrassingly late’ by Elon Musk, who is the chief executive of the company on his tweet.

Two-factor authentication is also referred to as two-step verification. This feature consists of a password, something similar to what you use on your mobile phones. This enables the app to verify that the real car owner is logging in and not some hacker. This is a new security feature rolled out by Tesla.

Some of the websites use this feature to send you a code via messaging. But this can be traced by hackers quite easily. To make the process more secure, the code needs to be sent via a mobile app which is called an authenticator.

Just to let you know, Tesla cars use the pin code entry system since 2018. This includes a GPS as well that helps the owner to track their vehicles. The only issue they had was the absence of two-factor authentication.

The official Tesla app is considered to be a very important tool for all Tesla vehicle owners. It allows them to control a variety of functions on their cars. Tesla users wanted two-factor technology to make their vehicles more safe and secure. It acts as an added layer of security for their vehicles.

Glitches like this power outage is not a good thing for Tesla owners. But with technology, there are always some difficulties that need to be dealt with. For a company that is trying to convince a huge population that electric cars are the future of the automobile industry, they need to take care of these glitches and level up their maintenance. The company is planning to launch an array of cars in 2021 and 2022.

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