Evernote for iOS launch promise to just be the starting line

Once the household name in productivity, Evernote’s fall from grace in the past years has been widely documented and narrated to death. It promised to turn the ship around but, as it admits, it took far longer than they thought. For the first time in a long while, Evernote is launching what is practically an overhaul of one of its apps, this time for iOS, and promises again that the ball has just started rolling.

It’s not that Evernote was fundamentally broken, at least not in concept. Its downfall laid in its inability to change, improve, and adapt to the needs of its users, especially as competitors started piling up features it should have had long ago. That and the sluggishness and disparity between its various apps eventually grew to become a sore point in the overall Evernote experience.

Its new iOS app, version 10.0, is the first manifestation of its promised changes. It is described to pretty much be a reboot, both on the backend as well as the frontend. The interface is cleaner and more responsive, searches are faster, and the syncing backend is also promised to be faster and more reliable.

More importantly, Evernote says that the app is based on a new codebase that should, at least in theory, make it easier to update the app in the future. That will definitely be critical when the time comes for Evernote to actually add new features.

For all the fuss around this new release, it is still pretty much the same Evernote in terms of available features and functionality, just improved to let you do things faster. There are still many things missing, not least of which is Apple Watch support, and that’s still promised to come soon. Hopefully, before Evernote really becomes just a footnote in history.

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