Google Announces AI Musical Experience for India’s 73rd Independence Day Celebration, How to Participate in the AI Experiment

Google, the American tech giant has announced Artificial Intelligence musical experience for the country’s 73rd Independence day. The firm will employ AI to convert human voice recordings of the National Anthem into any Indian classical music instrument. These musical instruments will include Bansuri, Sarangi or Shehnai. Google has associated with Virtual Bharat & Prasar Bharti – India’s largest public broadcasting agency for this AI demonstration. Google Pixel 4a Affordable Smartphone Launched at $349, to Go on Sale in India in October.

This project comprises of two main features – a human voice & AI work. Google said via its blog post, “All you need to do is sing the national anthem, then using the power of AI, your voice will get converted into one of three traditional Indian instruments.”

Here’s how to participate in this AI musical experiment this 73rd Independence Day:-

Head over to site that will take you over to an interactive web app & guide you through all the process and steps.

Before proceeding, users will get a chance to hear the national anthem, giving a piece of knowledge about the pitch & tempo of the melody.

It’s time to hit the high notes.

Join #SoundsOfIndia, an AI experiment, and watch AI convert your voice into instrumental music.

You can also submit your entry to create a musical masterpiece of the national anthem. Start singing 🎶


— Google India (@GoogleIndia) August 5, 2020

After acquiring the sense of the pitch & tempo, users will come across the lyrics of the national anthem which will get highlighted as the user sings & records his / her vocal. This process is just like dubbing a karaoke track.

After the recording of vocals, users will get an option to choose their preferred classical musical instrument. This will enable the recorded vocal to convert into the selected musical instrument’s sound.

By doing this, users can access their own sung version of the national anthem but in the sound of Indian traditional instruments.

Users will also be able to download, share their file with others. They can also join scores of others & provide feedback to this AI experiment.

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