How smartphones are changing online gambling

How smartphones are changing online gambling

The effects that smartphones are having in the gambling world have been analysed and scrutinised of late as the development of technological advances makes it easier and easier to play online games on the go. These days, many people own a smartphone, and the once humble communicating device has undergone some of the most spectacular advances of the 20th century.

How smartphones are changing online gambling

The desire to have everything at the touch of a button – of even less if your particular model has facial recognition, has proven to be a welcome asset to the online casinos and how people choose to gamble. 

Of all the people who gambled online in 2018, 44% did it on their phones and in 2019, this went up to 50%. Just a few mere years ago, the thought of being able to gamble online was something that many people thought was out of reach. From the very first online roulette game in 1998, the online gambling world has evolved dramatically, leading us to 2020 and the ease of gambling via an app on our smartphones.

Why Do People Use Smartphones for Online Gambling?

Smartphone Apps have changed the face of online gambling, and the ease of access means it provides an instant and real-time experience for users on the go who don’t want to wait until they get home and fire up the laptop or desktop. Neither do they want to make the trip to a land-based casino or betting shop? In an age where you can access pretty much everything online via an app, it’s no wonder that online casinos are taking the plunge to develop their own smartphone apps to help their players access their online accounts easier than ever before.

Mobile gaming apps allow the user to experience all the features and functions that they would otherwise have when playing via desktop or even a mobile site. While playing on mobile is still a popular site, it can be cumbersome on some devices and operating systems. Mobile apps allow people to log into their account without having to open up web pages and know all their information is secure in the smartphone app.

Can You Still Win the Casino Jackpot in a Smartphone App?

Gameplay in the app works exactly as you would expect when playing online. And any jackpots you can win by playing via desktop, are also offered in-app too. If you want to hit the Leovegas casino jackpot, then playing via the app will give you the same chances and experience as if you were playing via alternative online methods.

What are the features of smartphone apps, and why are they becoming more and more popular?

  • The Same Level Of Gameplay – mobile apps offer the user the same level of gameplay and features. Casino apps are fully optimised.
  • Easier Banking Methods – The ability to pay using different methods such as Apple Pay and Pay by Phone means players have more deposit options at their disposal, and they benefit from faster depositing and withdrawal methods too.
  • VRC – Virtual Reality Casinos – a fairly new offering with regards to online gaming. Many casinos are offering this approach to gaming and embracing the trend.
  • Blockchain Casinos – A Blockchain casino will accept cryptocurrency and affords players anonymity for much if not all of their gameplay.
  • New Policies – Mobile apps offer the players an option to limit their spending on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. For added player protection against problem gaming, this feature has been quickly adopted in countries such as the UK and US as new measures are introduced to help people manage their gaming and keep it affordable.


As technology changes and evolves so does the way we access information online and how we choose to digest it. With the ability to manage your household bills, banking options and much much more via smartphone apps, it makes sense that casinos have adapted to how they offer online gameplay to their users. For now, anyway, the popularity of smartphone apps for online gaming shows no sign of slowing down.

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