How to Reduce Your Screen Time? This Viral Twitter Thread is Too Funny But Not Foolproof! Here Are 5 Things You Can Do Instead

Do you find yourself glued to your devices? Other than working from your laptop or PC, do you constantly switch between your smartphone and scroll through apps? And do you want to reduce that habit? Well, then you are not alone. A lot of us may not be actively tweeting, sharing or posting photos, but we are addicted to scrolling the applications time and again. And no matter how much we try, reducing screen time does seem a challenge. A Twitter user’s thread on how he managed to reduce his screen time from 3 hours 15 minutes to just 20 minutes is going viral. And as remarkable as it may seem, the thread’s too funny and can disappoint you, if you are looking for some real tips. But don’t worry, we do have some for you in here. Screen Time: Obesity, Low-Self Esteem and Other Side Effects of Screen Exposure in Children Parents Didn’t Know Of.

Twitter user Irshad Daftari posted a series of two tweets to show what reduced his screen time. But as enthusiastically you go on to read, he reveals that his daughter threw his phone into water. With the touchscreen becoming unresponsive on most apps, the usage went low. He added that he stopped the apps instead of replacing the phone. Well, unless you are willing to dip your smartphones into water, this won’t work. But netizens have loved the funny aspect of it and it is going viral with funny reactions on Twitter. Addicted to Netflix? 5 Best Apps You Can Use to Reduce Your Screen Time Addiction.

Check The Twitter Thread Here:


You too probably chuckled as you read it. People have loved the humour. Check Some Reactions:

Didn’t We All?

Inspiring Indeed!

Yes, That’d Work


Informative Much

Since we cannot really throw our phones in water, even if some of you may wish to, we have some tips that you might want to try and reduce your screen time.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time

1. Stop Taking Your Phone in the Washroom: Many of you may have a habit to take your phones to the loo. And you’d even know that you spend more time in there because you took your phone in. So stop taking your phones with you to the washroom.

2. Turn Off The Internet For Long Periods: If you are constantly working on the laptop, might as well, turn off the internet for a few hours. Although you can always check them same on your laptop, at least you won’t be checking your phone over and over again. Try keeping your phone away unless your work involves constant calls.

3. Set a Timer: Most smartphones today do have a provision of keeping a limit on your app usage. You can set these timers for each of your apps, especially the social media platforms. And stay true to your commitment that you will not go and increase the duration “just for a day.” It never works.

4. Take up Reading, Painting or Other Offline Activities: We usually find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through the apps when we are bored. Try involving yourself in other hobby activities, like reading, painting, writing or anything that interests you. Dedicate your time to it regularly with no distractions.

5. Turn Off Notifications: This maybe a good start to just switch off notifications of all apps. Most of the times, it is the notification sound and vision that distracts you. Try turning off your notifications for a few days and once you get comfortable with it, there’s no going back.

These are some of the ways you can try to get your eyes off the screens. If you have any tried and tested methods that have worked, then do share them with us in the comments.

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