Sooraj Pancholi Says ‘People Will Drive Me To Commit Suicide’ After Being Dragged In Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput Death Controversies

Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian’s deaths are getting investigated but people on social media have already passed verdicts for no rhyme or reason. All they have are conspiracy theories with no proofs and yet they feel obliged to troll and humiliate others. So when Sooraj Pancholi in an interview with India Today Television said that these people might drive him to commit suicide, we felt it. His name has been dragged in the Salian case claiming that he got her killed after impregnating her. Pancholi had clarified he doesn’t even know her yet news channels have been incessantly linking him to her death. In this interview, he sounded quite dejected by all the accusations. Sooraj Pancholi Blasts A News Channel For Wrongfully Calling His Friend Anushri Gaur As Disha Salian, Says ‘F**K You Fake Media’

Sooraj spoke at length about how his name first appeared in relation to Sushant’s case and then got viral. He also spoke about how he has been fighting his own legal battles with Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia since he was 21. Towards the end, he admits that if this continues, he might contemplate ending his life. Check out five major and shocking confessions of Sooraj Pancholi from the interview.

#The Suicide confession

When asked how does he see his future, Sooraj said firmly that he will not give up easily but this controversy is making him very upset. “I have done everything possible to get my first film. So this is my passion and I’m not going to give up on that easily. And these people who are talking about me should have some sense and should have some kind of humanity. Because ye fair nahi hai. They are destroying my life. I don’t know whether Sushant committed suicide or not. I don’t know. But these people will definitely drive me to commit suicide.” He also revealed that his mother is scared he will harm himself and has asked him to talk to her if he is feeling low.

That’s a red flag people…so please back off!

#The scapegoat

Sooraj feels this is a big political battle and he is nothing but a scapegoat. “See, they call me a murderer. They call me an abuser. They call me all sorts of names, without even one shred of evidence against me. You know how that makes me feel? Sooraj Pancholi is nothing compared to what is happening. This is a big political battle, that is what is happening. Let me say, I’m nothing. I’m a scapegoat. Nothing,” he said. He believes since he can’t do anything to them his name is being dragged in controversy.

#The paid social media trolling

Sooraj talks about how people are being paid online to viral hate. “I would say that social trolling ke paise bhi lagte hain, ki aap paise fenko agar apko uska naam badnam karna hai, ye mere sath bhi hua hai, aur kafi logon ke sath hota hai,” reveals the actor.

#The star-kid struggle

Sooraj reveals that he is still struggling in the industry. “I am not Shah Rukh Khan’s son. Yes, my father is from the industry. He had his time, but now it is my battle by myself. I don’t have this kind of support. People think I do. Yes, Salman sir did launch me. But after that, it was up to me to prove myself in the industry.” He feels people have ruined his image for eight years and are now linking him to Sushant.

#Where’s the party

Talking about Narayan Rane’s allegations that Sooraj had a party at his place on June 13 where Sushant, Disha were invited, the actor rubbished it all. “I didn’t have any party at my home. There’s a message, which is being circulated on Whatsapp. My friends from Dubai, London and even Hyderabad are sending me saying I had a party at my penthouse. That I invited Sushant, Disha and Aaditya Thackeray. First of all, I don’t have a penthouse. I live on the first floor in Versova. The police are aware of me not being included or me not being attached to this case. I don’t know why they are not saying anything. I don’t know why Mumbai Police is shut about this,” confesses the actor.

#Where it all began

Sooraj gives a rundown of where the rumours regarding him in the Sushant and Disha’s case started. It was a Facebook post by an actor who is also a writer named Puneet Vashisht. Sooraj’s sister had shared the post with him but he didn’t pay much heed thinking it was just a FB post. But when it started going viral on every platform, he was aghast. “I don’t have any kind of enmity with him (Puneet Vashishth). I have never worked with him. Neither did I have any interaction with him. This is the kind of scenario today that if you have a phone or a laptop, if you are on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, then you are a journalist,” Sooraj said.

#Disha-Sushant connect

Sooraj was asked if he tried to find out about Disha Salian when his name was dragged into the controversy. He replied that he got to know about her only a week after Sushant’s death that she too had died a few weeks ago, all through news reports. “Someone told me that Disha was not Sushant’s official manager. They might have done one or two events together. But let it be, what do I have to do with this? I have no involvement in this,” he adds.

Sooraj has faith in CBI and is glad that Sushant’s case was referred to them. Well, people need to stop speculating about this case without any proof.

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