US Army gets its first AMPV vehicle to replace Vietnam War-era M113s

BAE Systems has announced the completion of the first Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) built for the United States Army, ones that will, over time, replace the Army’s M113s from the Vietnam War era. According to BAE Systems, the first of its AMPV production models has left the line and was, as of September 1, scheduled to be delivered to the military. The company has developed five different variants of the vehicle.

BAE Systems announced the milestone on September 1, detailing multiple variants of the AMPV that will be delivered to the US Army. The first off the line is the Mission Command vehicle, which is designed with ‘growth capacity for command, control, communications and computer capabilities.’

The Mission Command is joined by four other variants: the General Purpose vehicle, Mortar Carrier, Medical Evacuation, and Medical Treatment. Each has a fairly self-explanatory name, with the variants being designed for things like heavy mortar fire support, resupply runs, evacuation and medical treatment, and more.

BAE Systems Ground Vehicles product line AMPV program director Bill Sheehy said:

Finalizing the first AMPV for delivery marks a major milestone for the program and the U.S. Army. The AMPV is designed to meet the Army’s missions for the Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCT), and lay the foundation for the future of the battlefield.

The AMPVs are made for the US Army’s Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs), which will benefit from ‘significant’ improvements in interoperability, mobility, survivability, and power with these new models, according to BAE Systems. These vehicles are designed in such a way that the Army will be able to update them as necessary when new technologies become available.

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