With the iOS 14 release, the top 20 iOS home screen customization apps reach 5.7M downloads

iOS 14

With the release of iOS 14, the trend for home screen customization is on the rise. A new set of apps are currently topping the App Store charts. The company is witnessing a massive number of downloads.

According to the latest report by Sensor Tower, the number of downloads for the top 20 home screen customization apps have reached the 5.7 million mark worldwide. This has happened in just four days for the release of iOS 14 on 16th September. As per the reports, this is for the first time that they are witnessing such a huge number of downloads in such a less time.

Out of the top 20 apps, the most downloaded ones are Color Widgets, WidgetSmith, and Photo Widget. These three apps are reported to account for about 95% of the 5.7 million installs 

This shows that the remaining app customization market is much smaller. However, this can change with time, if more apps enter the trend. This can be done by including more unique features to these apps.

The Sensor Tower conducted a study to understand the home screen customization app market. Their study mainly focused on the apps that are used to make widgets for home screen or are used to provide services like clocks, memos, calendars, and others.

To find out whether the downloaded apps have home screen customization features or not Sensor Tower did carefully analysed metadata of all the apps that topped the charts on the App Store after 16th September. They also reviewed each of the apps manually to make sure that the functionality of the apps was related to home-screen-customization only.

The report prepared by them mainly focused on widget apps, instead of apps that are used to create custom icons or to add widget functionality to already existing apps. Sensor Tower said that it was a tough job to determine in case of apps that have a wide variety of purposes. Some of the apps ranked on top because they now have added widgets.

The list of 20 apps that topped the charts of the App store includes the following:

Widgetsmith, Photo Widget, Color Widgets, MemoWidget, Photobox Widget, Motivation Widget, Home Photo Widget, Hey Weather, Ermine, Widgeridoo, Date Today, TimeDeck, Glimpse 2, Widget Web, Widget Wizard, Locket, ItemMemo, OMDZ, Clock Widget for Home Screen and Photo Widgets.

All these apps were downloaded more than 5 million times in just four days after 16th September.

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